About me

My name is Beally, I live on the sunshine coast in Queensland Australia. I have many interests, but mostly motorcycles and cars. I have been building cars for some time, have worked as a mechanic etc but am currently studying to be a highschool maths/chemistry teacher.

My current wheels are:

Honda Monkey Baja

One of very few registered in Australia, I use it to get around town and down to university. It tops out around 110 km/h and handles suprising well for its size. It is fitted with a 125cc 4 speed manual motor, revised gearing for road use, pro taper bars, acewell digital dash unit and a pro circuit pipe.

It is great fun and I dont think I will ever sell it.

Toyota Corolla KE70

My long term project, that has been on and off track quite a few times is nearing completion. It is a ke70 corolla. Fitted with a gen 3, 3sgte, F series diff with trd 2 way centre, 14×8 and 14×9 ssr mesh and rays mesh wheels. Full weld in cage. Custom suspension and many other modifications. It will be running around various tracks for private and competition drift days. Will compete in the odd hill climb and time attack style days and maybe, depending on how my local engineer feels, be on the road.

More information can be found here


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