Ashley Fiolek – 2 X-games gold medals, 2 Moto-X titles, determined and deaf.

Ashley Fiolek has many accomplishments to her name. Moto X titles, X game gold medals and many more. What often goes unnoticed, unlike her skill, is that Ashley is 100% deaf from birth.

Giving it some herbs!

Ashley has learnt to ride from a young age, and uses the vibrations of the bike to determine engine speed and shows this off with faultless shifting. Motorcycling is regarded by many, myself included, to be the most pure relationship between man and machine. Ashley has taken this to the next level, where riding appears to have become a haven for sensory workouts.

Ashley faces many problems, not knowing where other riders are on the track, relying only on their shadows as they move (frequently) behind her. She is an inspiration to us all that determination is key to happiness and success, and a reminder of the joys that motorcycling brings to millions of people worldwide. I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of Ashley, and more successes.


That number 1 plate isn't to be taken likely.


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