Is Ducati’s reputation being hampered with investment in Rossi?

With Ducati signing Rossi for the 2011 season, there were many expectations on the team from viewers and the team themselves, that the aptly named Doctor could fix their front end woes. This has turned many more eyes onto the Ducati team, than might have been present in the Stoner/Hayden era.

Still deserving of the "doctor" name?

With this in mind, Ducati’s performance in the GP has been more than sub par. Frequently over 30 seconds off the pace of the front runners, and more frequently, Hayden performing better than Rossi, which is not well aligned with their differences in pat cheques. If I were team boss of Ducati, I would rather have a more “no-name” rider, placing in the top 10-15, than a high end, highest paid rider, placing in the top 10. Their problems are surrounding the fact that Ducati use their motor as a structural member of the chassis, which has been a company trademark for a long time. Which brings into question, should the company throw that idea in the bin and start again?


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