Shift of balance at RBR

Charlie Whiting’s decision to remove off-throttle blown diffusers from F1 had many mouths moving during the pre-qualification. Especially that of RBR team boss  Christian Horner who felt that the decision would affect his team more determentally than others.

Interesting comments were made pre qualification that the changes could suit Webbers more traditional style during racing, compared to that of Vettel. Although rain effected the qualification Webber was able to clinch pole, and bring more substance to the rumours that some had suggested.

Time will tell, approximately in four hours we shall see if the Australian Mark Webber has received the benefit of an un-perceived shift of balance in the RBR garage, no doubt adding some more excitement into an otherwise Vettel dominated season. Clouds of doubt still surround where Mark will end up next year, I am hoping Renault.

Marks comments can be found below;

“I’ve always enjoyed driving here, but you still have to put it all together. You don’t get these results without applying yourself. It was a very mixed session for all of us, even in the build up with yesterday’s rain. It was important to make sure every lap counted, as you never knew if it was going to be the one that counted for your main grid position, so even in Q2 you had to make sure you weren’t caught out. In the end I’m happy with the job we did; it’s easy to slip up in conditions like that from a logistical point of view and also from the driver’s perspective, so it was a good job by the team and we’re in a good position for tomorrow’s race.”


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