Driver profile – Ivan Stewart



Ivan Stewart was the first instance I can remember of taking an interest in motorsport. In my early childhood many hours were spent playing Ivans super offroad racing. I was lucky enough to meet Ivan in Mexico during the 2007 baja 1000. The meeting is something I will never forget, he remains one of my all time heros and has largely gone unknown to many. The following is a brief outline of his career, standing as one of the most successful racers of all time.

In 1973, Ivan was scheduled to co-drive in the Ensenada 300 in a Class 1-2 buggy. His co-driver broke his leg, so Stewart drove the car, and won the race. After some wins under his belt, he joined Toyota factory team in 1983 for Cal Wells at Precision Preparation Inc. He won a total of 82 victories. He has won a record 17 races in Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group’s (MTEG) stadium series, a record 17 Baja 500’s, three Baja 1000’s, and SCORE International events. He has won ten point championships, including four SCORE World championships and three MTEG championships. He is the only person so far to win overall including motorcycles while driving a four wheel vehicle solo in the Baja 1000.


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